Phil Palombi Releases RE: Person I Knew

Phil Palombi: RE: Person I KnewBassist Phil Palombi has just released RE: Person I Knew, a tribute to bass legend Scott LaFaro who tragically died in a car crash in 1961. Palombi recruited former Bill Evans drummer Eliot Zigmund and pianist Don Friedman, who was LaFaro’s roommate, to fill out the trio.

The ties don’t end there, as Palombi got the unique opportunity to use LaFaro’s 1825 Prescott bass; the very one he used on the groundbreaking Bill Evans Vanguard sessions. [Ed. note: Check out Phil’s column about using the bass.]

Palombi is celebrating the CD Release with parties last night and today at the Kitano in New York City. They shows will prove to be another milestone, as Phil will get to use the bass on the gigs.

“I have just learned that [luthier and bass caretaker] Barrie Kolstein has been able to arrange for me to play Scott’s Prescott bass for BOTH nights!” he said. “This will be the first time the bass has been on a gig since 1961. I still can’t believe the opportunity that I’ve been granted. It’s an amazing instrument, and I’m looking forward to being able to spent more time with it.”

RE: Person I Knew Track List:

  1. Israel
  2. Turn Out The Stars
  3. Improvisation: Meditation
  4. Gloria’s Step
  5. Chopin-esque
  6. Improvisation: Inspiration
  7. RE: Person I Knew
  8. The Calling
  9. Improvisation: 1961
  10. A Monk Minute
  11. Memories of Scotty
  12. Trepidation

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