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Digitech Announces Whammy DT Pedal

Digitech Whammy DT PedalDigitech has unveiled a new pedal in their Whammy series, dubbed the DT. The Whammy DT builds on its predecessors by including true bypass and a drop tuning feature that allows you to change your tuning by 7 half-steps or an octave – up or down – without changing your bass.

The drop tuning interface simply requires turning the selector wheel to the given pitch adjustment and activating the effect via a footswitch.

In addition to tuning adjustment the Whammy DT has all the classic pitch shifting effects from its siblings, including nine Whammy bending modes, nine harmony bending modes, two detune modes, and the Dive Bomb effect.

The pedal also features a Momentary footswitch, which gives quick pitch shifting for hammer-on and pull-off effects.

The Digitech Whammy DT will be available in June with an MSRP of $449.95. For more details, visit the Digitech website.

Digitech Whammy DT Pedal Specs:

  • True Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and Whammy effects in a single pedal
  • Drop or Raised tuning by 7 half steps or an entire octave
  • Classic Whammy voicings
  • Momentary footswitch for Hammer-on and Pull-off effects
  • True Bypass
  • Classic style rugged metal Whammy chassis
  • Durable, road worthy metal footswitches
  • MIDI Input
  • ¼” Guitar Input
  • ¼” Output
  • 9V DC Power Adapter included