Richard Bona and Chris Minh Doky Jam Session

Here’s an awesome video of Richard Bona and Chris Minh Doky playing jazz duets on electric and upright, respectively.

The two powerhouses blow over a blues before tearing into the standard, “There is No Greater Love.”

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  1. Mr. Bill

    I’ve been playing bass for over 40 years. Even so, bass solos usually make me wanna slap the player. This is a rare exception. It’s all about Taste with a capital Taste and these guys have got it in abundance.

  2. Clifton

    Now this is enjoyable to watch and to listen to! Awesome!!

  3. It’s a conversation without words. Good eye contact, they both laugh, and they don’t try to speak over each other. Music is a language, and these two are more than just fluent, they’re downright poetic.

  4. NO WAY! no way man, too stunning!