Bob Daisley Autobiography Coming This Year

Bob DaisleyRock bass legend Bob Daisley is working on his autobiography, with plans to release it later this year. The bassist’s storied career includes laying down the low end with Chicken Shack, Mungo Jerry, Rainbow, Dio and others. Maybe most notably, Daisley worked with Ozzy Osbourne throughout his early career, contributing bass and writing lyrics to the iconic albums Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman, Bark at the Moon, No Rest for the Wicked and No More Tears.

Speaking with, Daisley explained the time is finally right for him to tell his story.

“It’s been a long time coming, many years, starting around the late ‘80s, I started getting lots of requests from people,” he said. “I would be doing an interview and telling a story about things they did not know or showing a photograph and so many people said ‘you have to put this into a book’ and it went on and on and on.”

Turmoil between Daisley and the Osbourne camp has been going on for some time, over royalties. The 2002 reissues of Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman sparked controversy when Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake’s performances were replaced, even going so far as to replace the back cover which featured the bassist’s image.

“The whole reissues from 2002 were a lie. There was nothing telling the consumers that it was not the same product. People were buying it and taking it home and saying ‘what the hell is this? I don’t like this. This is not what I paid for.’ Of course it was insulting. We were suing them for unpaid royalties at the time and of course, we expected to get insulted somehow as they wanted to get back at us, but to insult the public and insult the memory of [guitarist] Randy Rhoads is wrong. To insult music is wrong because those two albums put Ozzy where he is. They have been the foundation for his career and then he goes and messes with them. Magic only happens once and it was captured in time on those records. You can’t mess with stuff like that.”

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