Evan Brewer Releases Solo Bass Album “Alone”

Evan Brewer: AloneBassist Evan Brewer has released his debut solo bass album, Alone on Sumerian Records. The album is truly a solo bass album, as Brewer notes he is the only person on the album, and every sound is made by his bass.

“I just think of [the bass] as a tool,” he said. “You don’t necessarily have to use it to play low frequencies and back up a guitar playing the root note… You can play leads, chords and anything you want on it. There’s this whole other aspect to what I do that I just wanted to showcase.”

Brewer has a metal background, being a member of technical death metal group The Faceless and former bassist for the now defunct Animosity. You can keep up with Evan on his Facebook page, which he personally runs.

Preview and download Alone:

Alone Track List:

  1. Actualize
  2. Contraband
  3. Currency
  4. Altered Perspective One
  5. Altered Perspective Two
  6. Vertigo
  7. The Decline
  8. Degenerate
  9. Looking West
  10. A Climate For Change

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