Paul McCartney: Run Devil Run Re-Issued

Paul McCartney: Run Devil RunPaul McCartney‘s catalog of re-issued albums adds one more to the list with the re-release of Run Devil Run. Originally released in 1999, this was McCartney’s first project following the passing of his wife, Linda.

For this album, McCartney decided to return to the music of his roots, blending both popular and lesser known 1950’s rock ‘n roll songs, along with three new McCartney compositions in the same style.

McCartney plays bass throughout the album, as well as some guitar, and recruited David Gilmour and Mick Green on guitar, Pete Wingfield and Geraint Watkins on keyboards and Ian Paice and Dave Mattacks on drums.

Preview and download Run Devil Run:

Run Devil Run Track List:

  1. Bluejean Bop
  2. She Said Yeah
  3. All Shook Up
  4. Run Devil Run
  5. No Other Baby
  6. Lonesome Town
  7. Try Not To Cry
  8. Movie Magg
  9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  10. What It Is
  11. Coquette
  12. I Got Stung
  13. Honey Hush
  14. Shake A Hand
  15. Party

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  1. Ryan

    Why are these reissues not available on vinyl??? I was trying to collect all of the collection on vinyl only to come to a screeching halt with these reissues…

  2. David Goessling

    This album kicks ass! It’s McCartney’s rockingest record since The Beatles broke up. WOrht it for She Said Yeah alone…