Rush: Xanadu, Live (1977)

Old school Rush! As usual, three guys sound like eight in this video of “Xanadu” by Rush in 1977. Editor note: this is clearly the band playing along to the studio recording. Thanks Jim C for setting the record straight in the comments.

Bassist Geddy Lee is busy as usual, handling the bass, keyboards and vocal duties throughout the tune. As if that wasn’t enough, Geddy plays rhythm guitar during Alex Lifeson’s solo, thanks to his Rickenbacker 4080/12, a double-neck guitar/bass. Geddy reportedly owned the first model.

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  1. JIm C

    Awesome tune…One of my favorites of all time.

    But, not live…sorry guys. The music is the studio version straight off the record. This video looks to be an early attempt at some sort of PR Music Video.

  2. Johnny

    Geddy is the maestro.

  3. Pete C

    Great song. I used this song to work on my scales & modes! Good dose of prog rock

  4. I think it is a PR video, due to Geddy playing rhythm guitar whilst the bass plays itself! ;) But an awesome piece nevertheless from their famous ‘robed’ period! I LOVE this band.

  5. And doesn’t that Ricky sound Awesome!

  6. david

    kimono alert … we’re not worthy!

  7. Duey

    This is from Don Kershner concert series.

  8. Great song, nice to see musicians playing their own tunes. I have to say Alex’s guitar playing I appreciate, he does not over play. Hemispheres album is my favorite.

  9. Danny Blake

    Can’t wait to see them live in Toronto in 2012. Clockwork Angels tour here I come!