311 Releases “Universal Pulse”

311: Universal Pulse311, anchored by bassist Aaron “P-Nut” Willis, has released Universal Pulse, the group’s tenth album. Produced by Bob Rock, the album brings the band back to a more live and energetic sound.

At eight songs, the CD is also their shortest to date. P-Nut says quality is better than quantity.

Universal Pulse is a continuation of this musical experiment called 311,” he says. “We are full of confidence and wonderment. 311 fans will embrace these new tunes as great additions to their other favorite songs.”

“Much love to the fans for allowing this journey to be fantastic and long,” he adds. “We are going to rock your brains.”

311 is currently on the road for their Unity Tour with Sublime with Rome.

Preview and download Universal Pulse:

Universal Pulse Track List:

  1. Time Bomb
  2. Wild Nights
  3. Sunset In July
  4. Trouble
  5. Count Me In
  6. Rock On
  7. Weightless
  8. And A Ways To Go

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