Zander Zon: Looking Glass

It has been a while since we featured Zander Zon and his nifty piccolo bass compositions. Here’s a new video featuring one of this tunes from Zander’s album Sonorous, entitled “Looking Glass”. (read our review of the album).

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    Wonderful sound and playing!!

  2. Zander impresses me more and more each time he posts a new video.

  3. Ben

    unbelievable… so wonderfull.

  4. Ssso bloody great!
    Ayyy tannnnn pinche genial!

  5. Voytek

    somebody tell me please – what kind of filter the guy is using?? please email me – thanks

  6. Alfred Smith

    Very lyrical, haunting tune. If Metheny played bass, it would sound like this. Brilliant composition, Zander.

  7. A 4 string piccolo bass… those four strings are tuned to the same octave as the low four string on a Baritone guitar right? EADG but an octave above the regular bass, and one octave below a guitar, right?