Stanley Clarke and Armand Sabel-Lecco: Live (2004)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the only thing better than one great bassist is two great bassists.

Recorded during the 2004 North Sea Jazz Festival, here’s bassist Armand Sabel-Lecco performing alongside Stanley Clarke.

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  1. AW MAN!!! I was THERE!!!!!!! We played with Angie Stone on the same stage right after Stanley’s set and they were blazing!! I was a bit intimidated but,Stanley and Armand were so cool,I finally calmed down enough to play our set!!!! hahahaha!

    I can’t find any clips of our set though…maybe ours was too horrible to post??! hahahaha!

    Thanks for posting this….I remember this like it was yesterday.This was NSJ in Capetown,South Africa!

  2. Oh my bad….this was the Hague show in Amsterdam….we played the same night there too!!! hahaha!

  3. Coire