Janek Gwizdala and Justin Vasquez Launch The Live Archive Podcast

Janek Gwizdala and Justin VasquezIf discovering new music is your thing, then you’ll want to check out the newly launched podcast by bassist Janek Gwizdala and saxophonist Justin Vasquez. The podcast, named “The Live Archive”, features the two musicians playing the music that has inspired them over the years. The NYC-based Gwizdala says that the goal is for the hosts to play live and rare recordings in order to share enriching music with each other and the listeners.

“Hosted by Justin Vasquez and myself, we’re bringing you a collection of some of the rarest live recordings out there and discussing them radio show style as we play the music,” Gwizdala wrote. “This is kind of an update from going over to a friends house and playing them your favorite recordings. Now we get to do that from a central location and share it all with you!”

Born in London, Gwizdala studied at Berklee in Boston, eventually transplanting to New York, while fellow players opened him up to new artists along the way.

“The whole reason we got into this was playing each other music we hadn’t heard and kind of opening each other’s minds and educating each other,” he adds. “The best university education I ever got was by being blind-fold tested and being played stuff I’d never heard.”

The Live Archive is free and available on iTunes or streaming from The Live Archive site.

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