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Lee Ritenour with Abraham Laboriel: Rio Funk (Live)

Here’s a terrific live performance of “Rio Funk”, with Abraham Laboriel with Lee Ritenour’s band.

The guys have some fun goofing around at the beginning, before getting into seriously funky territory.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Laura owens

On “Rio Sol.”
Featuring “Electric” Ernie Watts. I just made that up. Lee Ritenour, man of many moods, is one of the most gracious artists in the Jazz world; sharing the tune, floor and solos with his band. This classic collaboration is vintage, yet the flavor and charm of the string duo is relentless. Laboriel, Ritenour and Watts are so in sync. So rigorously clean is this Indigenous based Brazilian Chicano punk funk – universal and without borders. However, drummer Gary Novak provides the pocket in which the players dance – literally. Rounding it up at the close is Don Grusin on keys, reeling in the band with his Gospel groove. Gotta go. Track is over,need a refill.