Reader Spotlight: Kristoffer Carter

Meet Kristoffer Carter, a bassist from Akron, Ohio who regularly headlines solo bass looping shows around Ohio and Chicago. Kristoffer is our bassist in the spotlight for August 23, 2011.


Kristoffer Carter came up through the Cleveland, OH music scene as the touring bassist for ska rockers The Twistoffs, then reinvented himself as a laser-focused pop songwriter. The result was the power-pop persona he called “The Kristoffer Carter Show”, a well-oiled mash-up of his singer/songwriter and world beat roots. Leading off with a firm command of his 6-string bass, Carter layers loops of beat-box, guitar, and cello to frame his songs live, in real time.

Buzz News Magazine (Chicago, IL) said, “Carter’s music is a blend of world beat, electric sounds, and power-pop prowess.”

The Akron Beacon Journal calls Carter said, “….a straight-ahead pop-rocker with a way with melody and serious songwriting chops. He’s also a pretty funny dude.”


Akron, OH

Day gig:

Regional Sales Director, Motivator at Centro. Digital/Online Media company.

NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) musical performer. One man looping show: “The Kristoffer Carter Show”

Years experience:

21 years

Bands & Gigs:

I regularly headline solo/looping shows in my hometown of Akron, OH and in Chicago. In terms of touring, a play a handful of college campuses across the country that my NACA agent books. I’m booked out of Redd Promo/Talent based in Cicago IL.


  • Yamaha TRB-6P Orange Fretted 6-string, neck through (1995)
  • Yamaha TRB-6P Blue Fretless 6 string custom, neck-through (1992)
  • SWR Mo’Bass head with analog effects (Original build)
  • SWR Goliath III; 4×10″
  • SWR Triad 1×15″, 1×10″
  • Boss RC-50 Loopstation
  • Fender Jaguar Bass – 4 string
  • Line-6 DL4 Delay Modeler

Why I play the bass:

I was watching a Wang Chung video as a kid and I asked my brother why the singer’s guitar only had 4 strings. Within a year, I made my parents take me on a pilgrimage to The Bass Centre in Los Angeles. The cats I saw that day – guys walking in off the street and just RIPPING it – changed me forever. Some dude had a thumb the size of a bat. He just beat the crap out of this Modulus Graphite bass. That was it for me.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Lately I’ve been reconnecting with the mystic inner “Groove” by writing and posting a new groove-a-day on YouTube and my website. I perform as a one-man looping show on college campuses across the country through my NACA agency, much of which has me singing while playing my 6-string bass.

My influences

  • Flea
  • Les Claypool
  • Unknown clerk at The Bass Centre in L.A., 1990. Chris?
  • Victor Wooten
  • Geddy Lee
  • Sting
  • Larry Graham

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  1. Christopher

    And I thought you were all influenced by Sid Vicious? ;)

    No, this KC bro is tight. Your dub work is amazing and all I have seen. Don’t miss this guy if you can see him live.