Carol Kaye, Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey Jam at NAMM

Old school meets new school in this clip from Winter NAMM 2000, where session legend Carol Kaye jams with bass virtuosos Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey on a blues.

They may have different backgrounds, but one thing they all share is a groove that just won’t quit.

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  1. Jon

    Carol schooled them young boys…

  2. Dennis

    Well, you can say she schooled them. But A big part of this is she’s playing a busy bass part in the low register, even during her solo. If they would lay it down like her, you would have nothing but clutter.

    She also plays fill in the higher registers messing with the frequencies the guys solo in.

    Victor starts of by taking the role of the drummer and adding more groove. Steve on the other hand keeps playing chords and double stops in the high register sounding like a honolulu guitar player.

    I think the key thing here is people don’t give each other the room to play. Carol does get the room to play in; the guys help her sound good. Just my 2 cents

    • Fred

      Carol has bass runs from the past that are classics – ask LA’s Wrecking crew and Brian Wilson. Bailey and Wooten are both great bass players, but how many “Good Vibrations” do they have to their name?

  3. Foddy

    Take note gentlemen, your Grandmother is the toughest person you’ll ever meet. I personally guarantee it.

  4. Music to my ears! Would love to go to NAMM some day.

  5. Jim Miller

    Carol Kaye is still a smokin’ bass player of the highest caliber..

  6. Carol Kaye is still a smokin’ bass player of the highest caliber..

  7. she put down some really progressive killer stuff on pet sounds.

  8. What a great video. Carroll is a groovemiester. Do you have the video that you teased us with. The Zon booth Michael Manring? I want to see that one too.

  9. My goodness who is this Carol Kaye! That little lady was jamming hard Lovin Yo Stuff Carol.

  10. Fuck, I can’t believe it myself, but out of this huge names and performance, the old lady gets the biggest round of applause…

    • “The old lady”? Are ya shittin me? The boys would gladly sit at her feet to learn cause they KNOW who she is. Young boy needs some schoolin me thinks. :)

  11. Amazing stuff… Carol Kaye is the queen! and I love that they seem to be playing instruments off the rack… price tags are still hangin’ around :)

  12. you thumpers have not studied your history…..

  13. doesn’t get much better than this…

  14. All right Carol! She was getting in on those two young Whippersnappers! LOL! What a treat, three of my favorite Bass players in a jam session together! Thank you Bass 123708 for recording this!


  16. I just LOVE Carol Kaye and her voice is just killing it here! Pure “Funky Monkey”.

  17. Carol (Carol Kaye) Spanken the kids!

  18. Too bad the person holding the camera didn’t have enough sense to get in front of everyone so we could see Carol Kaye’s finger work too.

  19. There wasn’t any schooling going on just a whole lot of mutual respect.

  20. Carol Kaye, my bass teacher via cassette tapes. Remember them?
    She played on soooo many hits of the 60’s, 70’s 80’s. check her out on

  21. Fred

    Carol is on more hit records than the other two combined. Glad to see she’s still playing.

  22. Steve Hansen

    She is and always has been a monster bassist, I love her!!

  23. Al Gates

    Carol is still killin’ this game. With her pick style. @ 4:20, she’s playing the intro to Bill Cosby’s. “Hicky Burr”. Amazing…..

  24. Steve Boggio

    I had the honor of jamming with Steve a number of times. It was always a highlight of any gig!

  25. Steve Robillard

    Thanks for the thought. I was fortunate enough to have met Carol Kaye in 1973 at a Laney Cillege semi NB are she put in in Oakland that year. I also briefly met Victor Woiten at the Pines Theater in Northamotin Ma. Super bassists both.