Reader Spotlight: Ade Heslop

Ade HeslopMeet Ade Heslop, a bassist from Northampton who went from glam rock in the 80’s to pop/rock/indie currently. Ade is our player in the spotlight for September 20, 2011.


Ade Heslop, aka Tenacious Ade and never one to ‘let it go’, is the diving force behind Northampton covers band BOXEDDY.

I’ve done a lot, played a lot, had a lot of basses and I even like my ‘day job’! … But can’t wait to get away to play a gig tonight.


Middle England – Northampton

Day gig:

I’m a Print Buyer for a Midlands-based clothing company. I purchase print for anything from a few little leaflets to a full catalogue.

Years experience:

Since I was about 12, so about 33 years.

Bands & Gigs:

I’m in a Midlands-based band called BOXEDDY (don’t ask how we got the name, we don’t know!)

We play pop, rock and indie covers of all the classic hits and modern day anthems. We try to think outside the box when choosing songs, but you will know and probably enjoy 90% of our set… From Kinks to Kaiser Chiefs and ABBA (?) to Wild Cherry … we cover most bases. We believe that a good night of music can include the Monkees and the Artic Monkeys. We also enjoy playing and gigging more than grown men should.


I love gear. I have constant G.A.S.!


  • Ibanez ATK300
  • Ibanez ATK400
  • I’ve had: Fenders, Ricks, Guilds, Shergolds, Ibanezes, and some I wish I still had!


  • TC Electronic Classic 450 – wonderful head, easy to use, sweet tone
  • Plus i’ve had Mark Bass, Gallien Krueger, Hartke, Peavey, Trace Elliot …

Why I play the bass:

I lived in Durham, next door to a fella named Gary McManus who was a bassist in a local band. He went on to play in The Specials and then the Special AKA. He was the main influence.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Well, in the 80’s (when it was apparently acceptable), I was in a glam rock band called Napalm Hearts. We had the same manager as a the band Wrathchild – a fella called Tony Smith. He went on to manage Metallica for 15 years! We also used to play in bands along with Gem Archer from Oasis and Mark Young, the bassist from HED-PE.

My influences

To start… my neighbor Gary Mc, Geddy Lee and Geezer Butler have to be the main ones. You have to love Billy Sheehan too. I’m a sucker for a dirty tone.

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