Blotted Science, Featuring Alex Webster, Releases “The Animation of Entomology”

Blotted Science: The Animation of EntomologyTechnical death metal supergroup Blotted Science recently released The Animation of Entomology, a 7-track EP follow-up to their full length debut The Machinations of Dementia.

The trio consists of Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster, Watchtower guitarist Ron Jarzombek, and Obscura drummer Hannes Grossman, and their science/gore based music is written using a 12-tone system written in conjunction with “bug movies.”

“We wanted to follow up ‘The Machinations of Dementia’ along some of the same lines of science and gore, and came up with a killer concept and some great material with yet another 12-tone writing system,” said Jarzombek. “I totally busted my ass syncing things up, carefully orchestrated music to film, bug movies actually, and nit-picked notes to death on this material until my fingers bleed and my brain nearly exploded.”

For an example, here’s a clip they scored to the giant insect attack scene from the 2005 adaptation of King Kong:

The Animation of Entomology Track List:

  1. Ingesting Blattaria
  2. Cretaceous Chasm
  3. Vermicular Asphyxiation
  4. A Sting Operation: I. Human Barbequed
  5. A Sting Operation: II. Cessation Sanitation
  6. A Sting Operation: III. Seeing Dead People
  7. A Sting Operation: IV. Omitting Eyes

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