Reader Spotlight: Ollie Pietruch

Ollie PietruchMeet Ollie Pietruch, a bassist, session musician and teacher from the UK who some liken to the late Cliff Burton. Ollie is our player in the spotlight for November 1, 2011.


I started playing bass at the age of 15, and now five years down the line I have achieved distinctions for both years at Music College in the United Kingdom, have become a private bass guitar tutor, session for various bands and permanently play for two metal bands.

I have wide and varied influences which allows me to cherry pick the best parts of all forms and genres and create my own unique style of playing bass, coupled with learning the instrument itself at a fast rate.

Forever eager and keen to push myself to my playing ability and also theoretical knowledge, I’m hoping to one day make an impact (even be it small) on the music industry.


Manchester, United Kingdom

Day gig:

Session musician and private bass guitar tutor. However, a well-paying job which requires little effort due to high enthusiasm would be nice to pay the bills and fuel my love for bass guitars and tech!

Years experience:

5 years

Bands & Gigs:

Currently playing permanently in 2 bands:

Candid Iniquity – A metal band formed in 2007. We have recently played Bloodstock Festival 2011 (A UK metal music festival with an attendance of 12,000+ people) and are headlining The Sophie Festival (a music festival set up in aid of The S.O.P.H.I.E foundation).

Hot Pocket Face – A progressive metal band that began in 2010, and after a hiatus to look for a singer and keys player, are back on the local music scene, expressing our form of technical and progressive metal with comedic elements and debauchery!

I also session musician mainly in studio environments, but am currently playing for folk outfit Run Out The Guns and shall soon be playing for a Joe Satriani cover band. Trying to emulate Stu Hamm is a mammoth task indeed!


  • Ibanez SR506
  • Hartke HA2500 head
  • Hartke 410TP cab
  • Boss ME50B

Why I play the bass:

I was initially turned away from music during my GCSE subject selections, where upon I was told not to take Music as I had “…no musical talent whatsoever.” But a year later, a friend of mine bought a bass as something to learn to pass the time, and after a few quick goes, I was hooked!

I bought a 5-string bass for my 15th birthday, since then I’ve played in front of large crowds, recorded albums and even taught other people what little pearls of wisdom I have!

I ended up playing in front of the teacher who turned me away from music to begin with. The shock on her face was one of the greatest feelings ever!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I can pick up styles, genre traits and techniques very quickly, and I am a proficient and technical player who knows when to lay back and let a simple bass line enhance the overall piece.

I feel my greatest bass superpower comes in my live performance. I am there to entertain and shall make sure every person in the room will remember me, taking movements, facial expressions and stances from people such as Ryan Martinie, Tye Zamora and Christian Olde Wolbers.

Furious windmilling with my Ginger hair helps catch peoples attention too!

My influences

Pink Floyd were a massive part of my upbringing, and I have recently come to find that the true music coming from me that I create without any specific set purpose is very relaxed and chilled, much akin to The Division Bell era of the band.

However, Darryll Clarkson (Profane), John Myung (Dream Theater), Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne), James Leach (SikTh) and John Patitucci are all key players that have influenced my style and form of playing.

Classical, folk and jazz are quickly becoming influential on my playing, all adding to my great ability of adaptability to many different genres of music. Many people have also likened me to the great Cliff Burton. Personally, I wouldn’t know… come watch me live and you tell me your opinion.

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