Pablo Aslan Quintet Releases Piazzolla In Brooklyn

Pablo Aslan Quintet: Piazzolla In BrooklynTango master Pablo Aslan has released a new album with his quintet, Piazzolla in Brooklyn. For the project, Aslan took a failed 1959 album by Astor Piazzolla called Take Me Dancing and re-interpreted it to prove its musical worth. The result is influenced by Aslan’s “immersion in the Brooklyn scene.”

“I was attracted by the idea of recreating this damned Piazzolla album, through the optic of jazz tango, something that I had spent many years developing for myself,” he says. “I felt there were many places where the music could be opened up and developed further. I began to imagine which aspects of the pieces could use a more extended formal treatment, which ideas just went by too fast and could stand further elaboration, and where the solo sections could occur. That was the Eureka moment, when I realized that the material in this record had a potential that just needed to be unleashed.”

Preview and download Piazzolla In Brooklyn:

Piazzolla In Brooklyn Behind the Scenes:

Piazzolla In Brooklyn Track List:

  1. La Calle 92
  2. Counterpoint
  3. Dedita
  4. Laura
  5. Lullaby in Birdland
  6. Oscar Peterson
  7. Plus Ultra
  8. Show Off
  9. Something Strange
  10. Triunfal

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