Pigtronix Releases the Dual Expression Pedal

Pigtronix Dual Expression PedalPigtronix has teamed up with Mission Engineering to produce the Dual Expression Pedal, a unit with two outputs to simultaneously control the parameters of two pedals with expression inputs. A polarity switch also allows for controlling effects in opposite directions, for which Pigtronix gives the example of increasing the speed of a phaser while decreasing the delay time on a delay pedal.

The box’s dual potentiometer is precisely matched up to the throw of the foot pedal to pull a full range of expression from your stompboxes. Complete with a green “automotive grade” finish, the pedal uses standard TRS wiring and a 20K impedance to allow for use with devices from most manufacturers.

The Pigtronix Dual Expression is made in the USA and has a street price of around $159. For more info, visit the Pigtronix website.

Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal Specs:

  • Dual Isolated TRS Jacks
  • Precision Machined Dual Potentiometer
  • Potentiometer Throw matched to Tradle Throw
  • Passive Circuit with Industry Standard TRS Wiring
  • Polarity Reversal Switch for Output #2
  • Chassis Size = 10” x 4” x 2.5”

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  1. Noah Sider

    This looks incredibly exciting….altho I admit confusion over one thing. How does the pedal control only a single potentiometer of each of the input pedals, as it’s not acting as just a volume pedal for each of the input effects? (i.e. how does it isolate only one of the controls of each?)

  2. Andy Ibrahim

    this looks like something useful I can use for the M9 dual input. can program to control gain and drive. great pedal.