Doug Johns: “Pocket Fulla Nasty” – Live

What the world needs is more Doug Johns videos… especially like this one.

Here’s Doug with drummer Chris Ceja, performing “Pocket Fulla Nasty” live at CPE Sound in Chicago, IL. The tune can be found on the 2008 release of the same name.

Be sure to check out our interview with Doug (after the video, of course).

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  1. Rob Doane

    I’m not knocking the guys who are using alternate techniques on extended range basses, I love that too. There’s just something about flat out fingerstyle badness on 4 strings that hits me hard though! This is school! :-)

  2. Peter Childs

    Just DAMN!

  3. Josh Gaudino

    So tight!

  4. Pawel Rogalewicz


  5. Rob, you said it. this is the real thing.

  6. Staaaaaaankay groove! Time to plug in and get busy!

  7. Very Impressive! Love his Finger style playing!

  8. Pretty cool, something to learn from if you are looking for possibilities in finger style, IMO.

  9. Serious NASTY! Great stuff!

  10. You know, to all those who talk about style and technique, there’s something much deeper you need to grasp, and that is the funk, the soul, the nasty, whatever you want to call it. It requires techique to get it across like Doug does here, but it’s more than that. You learn to SPEAK through your bass (or whatever instrument), and even straight 1/8 notes will take you on a journey!

  11. Great tune. The only thing that would make this better is if the rattle from the snare drum wasn’t there.

  12. That “tap on the pickup” part is such a hip usage of displacement! Doug is a monster…yes indeed :-)

  13. Awesome. Love his sound too.

  14. Doug Johns is really one of the funkiest players out there. He’s got so many ways to make it groove…

  15. Now that’s some stanky funk!