Paul D’Amour’s Feersum Ennjin Releases Self-titled Debut

Paul D’Amour's Feersum EnnjinFormer Tool bassist Paul D’Amour’s new group Feersum Ennjin has released their debut self-titled album. Having stepped out of the heavy music scene after his split from Tool, D’Amour told Revolver that it was a matter of time before he came back to hard rock.

“I don’t feel like it was a conscious decision but more of a natural progression,” D’Amour said. “I think I have been able to explore a lot of different styles of music but feel most in my element when the music gets physical. But I still love the spaces in-between as well. This band feels like it has that right kind of balance for me–not to get too cerebral about it but there you go.”

The record also has a guest appearance from Tool drummer Danny Carey on the opening track “The Fourth,” marking the first time the duo have played as a rhythm section since 1995’s Ænema.

“Playing with Danny has really influenced how I have looked at rhythm over the years, so working with him on ‘The Fourth’ felt pretty natural. It was great to hear him bash the old thunder cans again.”

Preview and download Feersum Ennjin:

Feersum Ennjin Track List:

  1. The Fourth
  2. Fishing Grounds
  3. Safeway
  4. The Wilderness
  5. Dragon
  6. Lines
  7. Solid Gold
  8. U Boats
  9. Magus
  10. The Raft
  11. Thin Air

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