Nordstrand Releases Pre-Ernie Ball Music Man-Inspired 2B-MM Preamp

Nordstrand 2B-MM PreampNordstrand has released the 2B-MM preamp, an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball Music Man 2-band preamp. The preamp comes prewired, and while it works as a direct replacement for early Music Man basses, the company explains it works well for many instruments.

As with the original design, the 2B-MM’s bass control only boosts and the treble boosts and cuts, but has no center detent. Adrian from Nordstrand says the controls are “interactive” and have that “old Stingray tone.”

The Nordstrand 2B-MM preamp is available now with an MSRP of $189. For more info, visit the Nordstrand website.

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  1. Now I just got one in my 1993 stingray and I’m pretty happy! That old tone….