Nordstrand Audio Announces CatPups Pickups

Nordstrand Audio CatPups Pickups

After launching the Acinonyx (aka Cat Bass) in 2020, Nordstrand Audio is now offering the model’s pickups on their own. The CatPups are vintage-styled in their sound and style.

They are built with a single steel bar with two ceramic magnets in a P90 configuration. Nordstrand says they’re optimized for a balanced sound with “plenty of booty on tap.”

“The exact same pickups that come on our Acinonyx ‘Cat’ bass, these were developed with an ear towards vintage character with thick and punchy lows and mids,” they say. “Inspired by simple classic single coils they pair simplicity of design and solid reliable tone together in a chrome covered violin size pickup.”

Nordstrand’s CatPups have a street price of $99 for a single pickup with a set costing $198.

Nordstrand Audio CatPups Pickups Features:

Violin style pickup
Loaded with two ceramic bar magnets
Laser cut bobbins

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