Watson Pickups Launches Product Line

Watson PickupsWatson Guitars has just launched a new pickups company, specializing in a variety of bass pickups. Run by former Nordstrand employee Michael Cooper, Watson Pickups’ new line offers products ranging from vintage replacements to completely custom creations for extended-range instruments. Cooper designed the entire line.

“My current favorite design is a tap-able modern P pickup,” Cooper explains, “which fits into a standard P bass pickup rout, but has a vintage output tone and then a second over-wound setting that allows for massively aggressive slapping and finger-style tones you wouldn’t expect out of a P bass.”

Details on the Watson site suggest using a push/pull pot or small 2-way switch in conjunction with that model.

Watson’s stock items start at $145 for a pair of Jazz-style pickups, and about $100 for their P-Bass models. (The Modern Tapped P-Bass pickup goes for $140). For more info, visit the Watson Pickups website.

Watson Pickups Specs:

  • Available with Custom Spacing
  • Stock and Custom options
  • Wood Covers Available
  • P-style, J-style, MM-styles and More

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