Richard Bona: “Teen Town”, Live

Jaco Pastorius wrote it and performed it.

Many bassists have re-imagined it.

Richard Bona may have turned in my favorite remake version of “Teen Town” yet with this live performance. I love what he does with the fretless.

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  1. Clifton Ray Jackson

    Cool! Richard, added some of his own Licks, Slide and Chops to this hit!

  2. Jean-Christophe Boissy

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jeffery Davis

    Who’s on drums?

  4. Tony Jones


  5. Geoff Kovarik

    He owns it. Nice!

  6. Ric Naistadt

    The real deal!

  7. Matthew Lyons

    Bona can do whatever he wants.

    • Robin van der Sande

      Soooo true, Bona’s is one of the most amazing players around, no doubt.

  8. Ted Myerson

    He is such a positive player – his happiness exudes from his instrument `.

  9. Cuzin' Locust Johnson

    The Great Richard Bona!

  10. No words. I though I was a bass player !

  11. Bonna is the Chuck Norris of the bass players. One of my all time favorites. And he is so humble…

  12. What a sad copy of Jaco… I wish he’d just picked up his acoustic guitar and sang his ass off.

  13. I love this remake…. but I also love what both Marcus Miller and Alain Caron did with “Teen Town”!

  14. Awesome tone and delivery. My oh my!

  15. Nicely done, but IMHO doesn’t compare to Jaco’s live versions.

    • The question is: are we ALL OF US comparing when we look at a vidéo? in my case , no: I just want some good music, with a nice bass player,

    • Joachim Mahoudeaux Bona didn’t write this fantastic showcase, Jaco did that. This is a solid performance with a very talented Bassists no question, but he didn’t come up with it. IMO, we all want to see and hear a fantastic Bassists but I think we do compare on many levels when it’s just a Bass player. Not so much if it’s a group.