Philosophy Amplifiers Launches Flagship All-Tube Bass Amp

Philosophy Amplifiers Bass Amp

Philosophy Amplifiers has entered the bass amplifier scene with the launch of their flagship Philosophy amp, a 200-watt all tube bass amp. The class AB amplifier utilizes three JJ 12ax7 preamp tubes and four JJ KT-88 power tubes for it’s all-tube signal path, which the company explains is capable of both clean and overdriven sounds without the aid of pedals.

Philosophy’s transformers are hand-wound and over spec’d to give a larger sonic footprint, even at lower levels. Other components include mustard Mallory capacitors and carbon comp resistors for warmer vintage tones.

Adorned by an LED hourglass, the Philosophy amp has five controls- Gain, Bass, Mid-Sweep, Treble, and Master Level. The Mid-Shift changes the frequency of the mid-dip or mid-hump, and is dependent on the bass and treble controls, according to the manufacturer.

The Philosophy Bass Amp is hand-built in California and, with the exception of the tubes, completely sourced from the U.S. The amp is listed for $2099, with custom options available upon request. For more info, visit the Philosophy website.

Philosophy Amplifiers Bass Amp Specs:

  • All Tube Signal Path
  • 200 Watts Class AB
  • (4) JJ KT-88 Power tubes
  • (3) JJ 12ax7 Preamp tubes
  • Capable of both clean and overdriven sounds, no pedals required
  • Over-Spec’d Power and Output Transformers
  • Mustard Mallory Caps, Carbon Comp Resistors
  • Features Gain, Bass, Middle Sweep, Treble, and Master Controls
  • Illuminated LED Hour Glass

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