Iron Ether Debuts Polytope Pedal

Iron Ether Polytope PedalIron Ether has released the Polytope, a quad-voice pitch detuner. The pedal creates up to four identical copies of the input signal that can then be detuned in pitch to create sounds from “subtle thickening to huge multi-voice detuned synth sounds.” The voices are added and faded in by raising the Voices knob with each new voice alternating above and below the original pitch.

The versatile pedal gives you plenty of control, including choosing the number of voices created, how much the voices are detuned, how much clean signal is included, and volume control for the voices. A highpass filter is placed before the effect to help remove beating from bass-heavy detuning as well as create unique effects. In addition to static detune mode, the Polytope has an LFO (low frequency oscillator) for sweeping all of the pitches.

The Iron Ether Polytope runs on a 9-volt DC center negative power supply, and features relay-based true bypass. Made in the USA, the pedal is shipping now with a list price of $205. For more info, visit the Iron Ether website.

Iron Ether Polytope Pedal Specs:

  • Measures 4.7? x 2.5? (12cm x 6.3cm).
  • Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center negative power supply.
  • Relay-based true bypass
  • Audio and power jacks on the top of the pedal to save even more pedalboard space

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  1. Shaun College

    Iron Ether needs to post some sound samples before I’m going to fork over $205.

  2. Wow…that mp3 makes it sound like a useless pedal….didn’t sound musicall at all. Unless I plan on joining Tool :(