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Cephalic Carnage’s Nick Schendzielos: “Ohrwurm” Bass Playalong Video and Lesson

Here’s one for the metalheads!

Nick Schendzielos of Cephalic Carnage made this incredible playalong of the group’s bass-heavy song “Ohrwurm,” from their album Misled by Certainty.

“I had a lot of “fun” making this video,” Schendzielos wrote. “I wanted to increase the watchability for musicians and non-musicians alike, so I tried out some new things like Picture in Picture, and Picture in Picture in Picture, and comedy? I also really wanted to incorporate some “SFW” scenes from the beautiful video for Ohrwurm done by Michael Panduro, which I think compliments the bass video quite well.”

Schendzielos, who also plays bass for the extreme metal outfit Job for a Cowboy, created a lesson video on how to play the intro for those brave enough to attempt learning the song. Beware, this one is just as “interesting.”