Godlyke Unveils Voltage Converter and Ground Isolator

Godlyke has introduced a pair of new power accessories- the Iso-Pump Voltage Converter and the Ground Hound Ground Isolator. The new gadgets will be debuting at the NAMM Show.

Godlyke GH-1 Ground HoundThe company’s GH-1 Ground Hound takes care of grounding issues by creating an isolated ground connection for effects devices. In addition to fixing ground loops, reducing line noise and reducing cross-talk from some digital effects, the device lets you power pedals with opposing ground configurations off the same series power supply.

Godlyke Iso-Pump Voltage ConverterThe IP-1 Iso-Pump converts 9V DC into 12V, 18V, or 24V DC depending on what your gear needs. The adjustments, which are made via an external switch on the device, can be used with a typical 9-volt power supply to power pedals requiring two batteries, pedals with internal vacuum tubes, and more. It also allows for getting more headroom out of certain overdrives, distortion and fuzz pedals. Similar to the GH-1, the Iso-Pump features Godlyke’s Ground Hound ground isolation technology.

The Godlyke Iso-Pump Voltage Converter and Ground Hound Ground Isolator will be available soon, each with a street price of around $30.

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