Godlyke Introduces the TWA MiniMorph Dynamic Waveshaper Pedal

TWA MiniMorph Dynamic Waveshaper PedalGodlyke Distributing debuted the new TWA MiniMorph Dynamic Waveshaper at this year’s Winter NAMM Show. The new unit is a pared down version of their DynaMorph and features an envelope-dependent drive circuit that links the amount and type of saturation to the input signal.

“Multi-layered, highly complex waveforms meet & morph to create sizzling, splatter-full effects bordering on the bizarre,” the company writes. “Depending on control settings and playing technique, the Mini Morph can create an almost unlimited variety of filthy, flittering filter effects that will add depth and dimension to your notes. Tight chirps, greasy gurgles, & long, yawning sweeps are all available by simply varying your picking attack.”

The MiniMorph has Drive, Gain, Morph, and Level controls. A Dry Blend allows you to dial in some clean signal to restore bass definition and articulation. You can get an idea of the MiniMorph on bass from this prototype from last year:

The TWA MiniMorph is made in the USA and carries a street price of $189.

TWA MiniMorph Dynamic Waveshaper Pedal Features:

Unlimited range of sounds, from mild drive to extreme fuzz to massive synth filter sweeps.
Dynamically responsive to input signal – Input directly controls type/degree of distortion event.
Dual cascading Preamps – Each with independent Level control.
Dual mode switch – offers two different EQ curves for added tonal options
Dedicated Dry Level Control – allows the user to blend in Dry signal to taste.
Master Level Control – determines overall volume level of pedal
S3 “Shortest Send” relay-based True-Bypass switching for transparent operation in bypass.
3-year warranty
Made in USA

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