Matthew Garrison’s 4-Finger Technique How-To

Here’s one to keep you in the woodshed for a while.

Bassist Matthew Garrison posted this great video explaining his 4-finger right hand technique, which he developed during his time with Joe Zawinul’s band. While he says that the 2-finger technique creates a fatter sound, the 4-finger technique allows for playing lines at mind-boggling speeds.

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  1. Ok so it’s a thumb and three finger technique…i thought he was using his pinky when you mentioned four finger technique lol.

  2. Does anyone know where he got the stand that is holding his bass

  3. It is a Gracie stand. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business.

  4. Vou falar oq? sem comentários! Matthew Garrison é fusion puro!

  5. Thanks for this lesson Matthew Garrison!

  6. He is an excellent player, I really admire his approach.

    Also, his bass kinda looks like a whale

  7. dAtS gR8…. but I do this with my index middle ring and pinky….. going pinky ring index and middle finger in succession.. its strange.. but it works as good as matthew garrison ;) ;).