Donation Fund Set Up for Chuck Rainey’s Recovery

Chuck RaineyA Medical and Well Health Fund has been set up for bass legend Chuck Rainey, who suffered a major stroke last year. Though his family is hopeful for a full recovery, Rainey has not been able to work during his treatment.

As his medical bills increase, his income has decreased, according to the message on the donation site.

Rainey’s impressive list of credits covers nearly every pop, rock and soul artist from the last few decades. From Aretha Franklin to Steely Dan, Rainey’s infectious grooves have been the underpinning of many hits.

Here’s a special message from “The Bass Whisperer,” Ed Friedland:

All donations will go directly to Chuck and Susan Rainey and will be used exclusively for Chuck’s treatment and healthful well-being. For more or to donate to help Chuck Rainey, visit the Chuck Rainey Medical and Well Health Chip In site.

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  1. I think chuck Rainey is a awersome bass player &musician….