Bass of the Week: Brown’s Guitar Factory Fretted/Less Bass

Brown's Guitar Factory Fretted/Less Chambered 5-string Bass

Fretted, fretless, or both?

Based out of Minnesota, Brown’s Guitar Factory has a unique take on electric bass with their Fretted/Less models. The design allows for half of the fingerboard to be fretted while the second half has a raised fretless section, which is elevated to the height of the fretted section to keep its proper scale. While BGF says the most popular version has the first octave fretted with the second octave fretless, the company also offers it reversed.

As the basses are built-to-order, the Fretted/Less has a variety of options. It can be built with 4, 5, or 6-strings, 34? or 35? scale, solid or chambered bodies and your choice of woods.

Though options are available, Brown tends to use active EMG pickups and Hipshot hardware. Several of the basses include a Kahler tremolo as well.

Brown’s Guitar Factory’s Fretted/Less basses have a base price around $2,100 for a 4-string model.

Brown’s Guitar Factory Fretted/Less Bass Photo Gallery:

Brown’s Guitar Factory Fretted/Less Bass Demo:

Brown’s Guitar Factory Fretted/Less Bass Specs:

Scale:34″ or 35″
Body:Choice of Woods
Neck:Choice of Woods
Fretboard:Choice of Woods, Phenolic Fretless Section
Frets:12 on Either First or Second Octave
Finish:Modified Oil

For more information:
Brown’s Guitar Factory

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  1. Quite a Demo…. Well Played, Sir!

  2. Pretty neat! My first thought after seeing the first picture was that it would make more sense to put the fretted section closer to the headstock… cool idea!

  3. OMG…I’m in love <3 <3 <3.