Old School: 1963 Fender Shoreline Gold Precision Bass

Mark Anderson - 1963 Fender Shoreline Gold Precision BassMark Anderson picked up this 1963 Fender Shoreline Gold Precision Bass in the ’70’s for $300.00. The bass is completely stock, making it even more GAS-inducing. Of course, this is a pre-CBS bass, as Leo Fender hadn’t yet sold his company. That happened two years later.

Mark gave us the lowdown on this vintage Fender P, including a remarkable experience outside a lounge in Chicago!


1963 Fender Precision Bass in Shoreline Gold

How long have you owned it?

35 years

How did you come across it?

A stranger saw me playing at a rehearsal and asked if I wanted to buy a bass. When I got to his house, he pulled it out from under a bed and told me he tried to learn to play, but just couldn’t. I offered him $300.00, and the bass was mine.

Stock or customized? Give us all the specs!

Bare bone stock! Including pickups, pots, machines, frets…

Any special characteristics?

Just the typical belt buckle tattoos and cigarette burns at the headstock.

What’s your favorite story about the gear?

A guy pulled a knife on me when I was coming out of the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago, asking me if I would like to trade the bass for my life. I told him “no”, and that I was ready to die that night defending it. By the time I finished my sentence I had produced a small pocket knife and opened it. I put the bass case (tweed) on the ground and smiled at the gentleman. He chose to keep walking, telling me that I was “lucky”.

Mark Anderson with his 1963 Fender Shoreline Gold Precision Bass on a gig

Do you use it on gigs?

Yes, but only on occasion.

What else do you want to share about your gear?

I use an ampeg tube preamp through an electronic crossover into a Crown K-2. My sub cab is of my own design: a 10″ speaker in a transmission line minibox that can take 3,000 watts with either 1 15″ or 2 10″s on top.

Any other vintage gear?


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 51 years old and currently living in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I stopped gigging out, but cover gigs and jam sessions for friends. I have been teaching guitar and bass out of my house for 25 years free of charge. I am currently doing a bunch of studio work for local musicians. Who doesn’t love to record?

My contact info for anyone wanting me for session work: [email protected]

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  1. My old man has a 78 precision he has had since he bought it new.

  2. I wish I had one of those relic Fenders, I always loved P-basses I have a `91 MIJ that is older than me though.

  3. Nice Bass,
    I also have a 63 Percision black with Rosewood neck. Bought it in 71 from Gattuso’s music in Taylor Michigan outside of Detroit while playing on the road. Paid $250.00 for it. Used it for 30 years and only changes were refretted in early 80’s It was set up to play had Badass bridge and Shaller Keys put on it. Pickups are original but volume pot and jack were replaced. Put a Brass pick guard on it back in the 70’s to match the gold Shaller keys. Always used half wound bass strings so fretts are still great shape and guitar still plays great. Hangs on the wall in my man cage with all the many band pictures over the years. Fun times great funk bass sound.