Tech 21 Introduces New 1000-Watt VT Bass Amp Head at NAMM

Tech 21 is adding to their Private Stock division with the announcement of their new VT Bass 1000 head. Weighing in at just 12 pounds, the VT 1000 is a 2-channel, 1000 watt RMS head in with a Class D power section and 2000 watts peak output.

Tech 21 VT 1000 Bass Amp Head

The head features SansAmp circuitry, which is designed to recreate SVT-style tones, which the company says are achieved “without breaking your back.”

The VT 1000 sports similar features as Tech 21’s existing VT Bass 1969 300 watt head, with each channel offering a variety of tunes via a three-band EQ section and full-range Drive control. A “Character” control alters the sonic structure for each channel, which the company says allows you to move “seamlessly between decades of different voicings from the early ‘60s to classic “super valve” to thick flip-top funk, and from gnarly overdrive to industrial distortion.”

The amp also includes a +10dB Gain switch, a switchable SansAmp XLR Direct Output, Effects Loop, an independent buffered tuner output, and rack mount kit.

A footswitch (included with the amp) changes channels, features a Mute switch for tuning, and allows for engaging both channels simultaneously via a Mix switch – effectively providing a third channel option.

Optional 4×10 bass speaker cabinets with woven grill are available.

The head is made in the U.S. and has an MSRP set at $2,495, though Tech 21 says the “street price will be around $1,900.” As with all products in the Private Stock line, the VT 1000 is available only through custom order, with shipments of the VT 1000 expected to begin within a few months. For more information, visit Tech 21’s website.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to hear the VT version of their pre. I recently got rid of a Bass Driver Deluxe I never used because I wasn’t crazy about the gain stage (purely a matter of personal taste). I’ve also been rather curious about class D power. Being a little bit old school, I’ve been ignoring class D but it seems many of the brands I know are going that way. Hmmm……

  2. “First to call” amp

  3. I bet this sounds awesome but I can never find a local place that sells twch 21 amps they are too afraid they wont sell.