Dean Guitars Puts John Entwistle Spider Signature Bass Into Production

After launching a limited run of last year, Dean Guitars is now making a production model of the John Entwistle Spider. The Ox’s newest signature bass features an angular body and comes in a Classic Black finish with Silver Web graphics.

Dean Guitars' John Entwistle Spider Signature Bass

The bass’s body is made of alder, while the set mahogany neck is topped with an ebony fingerboard. Pearl “Black Widow” inlays serve as fret markers with a custom Pearl “Spider” inlay at the 12th fret. For hardware, Dean includes Grover tuners and a black dual purpose die cast bridge. The pickups are a pair of EMG HZ Humbuckers.

The Dean John Entwistle Spider debuted at NAMM, and will be available in the coming months with a street price of around $799. For more, visit Dean’s website.

Dean John Entwistle Spider Signature Bass Specs:

  • Alder Top / Body
  • 34” Scale
  • Set Mahogany C Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Pearl “Black Widow” Inlays
  • Pearl “Spider” Custom 12th Inlay
  • Grover Tuners
  • Chrome Hardware w/Black Bridge
  • Dual Purpose Die Cast Bridge
  • EMG HZ Humbucker Pickups
  • Finishes: Classic Black w/Silver Webs

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  1. nice bass, with the grover tuners, emg hz Humbucker Pickups and a killer look, I think she’s stage ready!

  2. But my question is…what has this got to do with the mighty Ox? I mean, I know the guy played a lot of different basses, but not loadsa Deans to my knowledge…seems like a cash in on a dead legends name, plus, his other sigs are waaaaay nicer…this one looks kinda tacky…just my opinion though.

    • This bass and the other JE signature basses have the full endorsement of the Entwistle estate. They are very high quality and a fitting tribute to John’s legacy. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

    • Craig Addecott *shrug* if they endorse it,then fair enough, but, you can say the same about some of the Dimebag series of guitars and basses,and a lot of those are horrid,and a cheap cash in on a legends name…I’ve been lucky enough to play around on a Buzzard,and that was a phenomenal instrument,I’ve just never played a Dean that’s felt well put together…however,first time for everything

    • Skip Davies As I said don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. :)

    • Craig Addecott I’ll try have a go on one if I see one around!! I hope you’re right! Either way,we can agree that the Ox is a legend,and anything that helps spread his name is a good thing = ]

    • Craig Addecott “the full endorsement of the Entwistle estate”? The other basses Entwistle used were actually designed partially by him. This is absolutely not the case as he is no longer with us. What, is Dean making great basses now suddenly? I agree with Skips original post.

    • Dean has more dead artist endorsements (ie estate granted) than any other manufacturer I know. There’s sometihng ghoulish about it rather than tribute.

    • Tammie Crede Weigl I have noticed that too.

    • @[1615712931:2048:Tammie Crede Weigl] thats what i’ve noticed, and the general quality of every Dean instrument I’ve played is sub-par! They,more than any other company,reek of cashing in on dead musicians names (ie,those who have no actually say but who’s surviving relatives won’t say no to a pay cheque) than any other company…wouldn’t mind if they’d ever made a decent,non poser,well crafted instrument…but to my mind,they havn’t

    • Craig Addecott nothing will come close to the buzzard, owned one since 2000

  3. That bass is badass!

  4. I’d rather have the alembic ;).

  5. are you making a 5 string model?

  6. how about a lefty model?

  7. Holy crap, I’m excited for this!