Jamiroquai: “Too Young To Die,” Live in London with Stuart Zender (1994)

I always get down with Jamiroquai, and it’s probably because of the perfect “in-the-pocket” bass work. This an early clip of the band from 1994 and features groove monster Stuart Zender on bass, ripping up “Too Young To Die” from the group’s 1993 album Emergency on Planet Earth.

Get ready to groove!

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  1. I started bass guitar because of this guy.

  2. insane this bass line!!!!!

  3. Love his simple approach, while tearing it up at the same time.

  4. Learnt everything I know off Stu pretty much.

  5. What the hell happened to Pop….this was popular in 94 haha.

  6. Yesss, yess, yes! It’s The (WORLDSHAKER Babyeee) yeahhh man I Love Jamiroquai I listen to his CD’S EveryDay in my Home and Car just Funky as Hell , That BassPlayer is Dope! and So am I ”Ta, Hee, heee” The One and Only (The WorldShaker On Bass) From Out OF Seattle, Wa Babyee Yeahhh Love Jamirouai’s Music. Kalimba Tribute.com

  7. So much , yet not enough. Lets hear from these guys some more. Tight, Tight I`ve got to get this for my collection. Cool.