Weather Report: Elegant People, Live (1976)

Recorded live on July 8, 1976 at the Montreux Casino in Switzerland, and shortly after bassist Jaco Pastorius joined the group, here’s Weather Report performing “Elegant People”.

The tune, written by Wayne Shorter, appeared on Black Market and was recorded with bassist Alphonso Johnson.

The line up also includes Weather Report co-founder Joe Zawinul on keys, Alex Acuna on drums and Manolo Badrena on percussion.

Good stuff!

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  1. Young and innocent, pre-coke Jaco.

  2. funky Jaco…..yee haw the best!

  3. Love this track! Awesome stuff!

  4. Wayne Shorter is fabulous.

  5. I always love it when Jaco stays in the pocket. Alphonso Johnson was the bassist on the recording, so perhaps he was playing it as it was conceived.

  6. I have one Weather Report album. I went to the record store to get an album from some band I had just heard but couldn’t remember the name of the group. Liked the album but the group I was looking for was Traffic. That’s how my mind works.

  7. Some amazing music is happening here with Weather Report! Love It!

  8. so much relax in this song! love the way they play, they looks like they are just talking :D