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Hipshot Products Unveils FreeRange Xtender for Upright Bass

Hipshot FreeRange Xtender for Upright BassHardware manufacturer Hipshot unveiled an interesting product aimed at double bassists called the FreeRange Xtender at NAMM this year.

The new gadget allows you to quickly change the tuning of an upright bass string at the switch of a lever, and lets you drop down as far as a low A.

Using several together can be handing for changing the entire tuning of your bass, as the company notes you could instantly flip from bass to cello tuning. Check out the quick demo below to see the FreeRange do just that.

The Hipshot FreeRange Xtender is nearing the final stages of development and should be available in about two months. It has a list price of $179. For more info, check out the Hipshot Products website.