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Bass of the Week: Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7

Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7 Bass

Eric Czar’s Signature bass from Adamovic is a thing of beauty. With a monstrous 7-strings and 30 frets, the instrument gives Czar an incredible range. Strung E to A#, bass was designed between Czar and Nikola Adamovic to allow for easy chord playing and fast tapping while combining “the unique voices and timbres of a bass and a baritone guitar into one.” Who needs a guitarist anyway?

The singlecut bass employs a “4+3” string design, meaning the 4 bottom strings (E-A-D-G) use bass tuners, while the top three (C-F-A#) use guitar tuners. At the same time, the bass strings are strung through the body while the guitar strings are strung through the bridge. All of the hardware is made by Hipshot and finished in black.

The body is made from two pieces of walnut and sports a Birdseye maple top, while the 5-piece neck contains Hard maple, African padouk, and wenge. It’s reinforced by a pair of 2-way truss rods. The fingerboard is Striped Goncalo Alves.

For electronics, Adamovic includes his own Rampbar, which is a pair of 4-coil pickups under one large cover that doubles as a ramp, and a 3-band Glockenklang preamp.

The Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7 has a list price of €3,500 (approximately $4,600 USD at the time of publication). For more, check out the Adamovic website.

Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7 Photo Gallery:

Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7 Demo:

Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7 Specs:

  • Two piece walnut body
  • Birdseye maple top
  • Walnut wooden cavity cover
  • 5 piece neck: Hard maple – African Padouk – Wenge
  • Elongated fingerboard and neck with 30 fret positions
  • Two 2-way quality truss rod
  • Set neck construction
  • Angled headstock strengthened with a volute
  • Matching Birdseye maple headstock plate
  • Stabilized maple nut
  • Striped Goncalo Alves Fingerboard
  • 33” Scale length
  • 30 frets
  • Abalone front side dots from the 12th fret up
  • Adamovic Rambar made by Heaussel
  • Goncalo Alves pick-up cover
  • Goncalo Alves control knobs
  • two Series / singlecoil / parallel switches
  • Active Glockenklang 3-band preamp
  • High quality Hipshot A-style bridge 3-way adjustable
  • High quality Hipshot ultralite tuners
  • Schaller security Locks
  • Catalized oil finish
  • Black hardware finish
  • Standard bridge spacing 16.6
  • Hard case included
  • Warranty, tools and certificate included

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