Brecker Brothers: “Spherical”, Live in Barcelona 1992 with James Genus

Here’s one of those rare videos that stands the test of time… twenty years later.

This is the Brecker Brothers, consisting of the late Michael Brecker on sax and Randy Brecker on trumpet and surrounded by the all-star cast of bassist James Genus, drummer Dennis Chambers, guitarist Mike Stern and keyboardist George Whitty.

The group is performing the brothers’ tune, “Spherical”, filmed during their European tour.

Genus doesn’t do anything crazy, but he does it all right.

(And, man, do I miss Michael Brecker.)

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  1. It’s good, but let’s face it: it’s late eighties/early nineties Miles with a sprinkle of YellowJackets and Rppingtons.

    • Let’s face what? That the first words in your comment (It’s good), sum up all you’re really saying? :-)

    • What I am really saying is that Miles did this first and no one does it better than Miles.

    • Michael Damian Jeter I see. “It’s good!”…”Miles, YellowJackets and The Rippingtons are good, too!” So “let’s face it” means they’re all equally good, in your opinion.

    • Michael Wooten No, they are not equally good. Miles was the originator.The others took an initially vibrant and edgy music, shaved off all the corners and made the music “smooth,” which I do not care for.

  2. Can you say “GROOVE”……Brecker Brothers are Beast’s!

  3. Superb dynamics and comping, by everyone, especially Whitty, Genus and Dennis. What they played contributed greatly to what the soloists played, and the audience appreciating the composition. Genus is improvising within the groove, for the entire song. Those are some pretty “crazy” killer fills, in my opinion :-)

    • It’s just crazy how powerful Mike’s soloing is on this. His time is so LOCKED – he was just unstoppable! I literally get choked up when I watch him. <3