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Between the Buried and Me’s Dan Briggs Announces Trioscapes Debut Album and Preview Track

Trioscapes: Separate RealitiesBetween the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs has announced that his new project, dubbed Trioscapes, will be making its album debut on May 8, 2012 with the release of Separate Realities.

The group was formed last year after Briggs got in touch with tenor saxophonist Walter Fancourt and drummer Matt Lynch to work up a rendition of the Mahavishnu Orchestra song “Celestial Terrestrial Commuters” for a one-off show.

The trio enjoyed the music so much that they decided to continue and began writing.

The music is described as combining elements of “’70s fusion with progressive rock, dark syncopated grooves, a flare for the psychedelic, and an unabashed love for both quirky Zappa-ish melodies and thunderous abrasive trade-off lines.”

With the open trio setting, Briggs gets a ton of room to stretch out and deftly switches between heavy grooves, melodies, chords and soloing.

The group has released one track off the new album called “Blast Off,” which is sure to please both metal and jazz fans alike.

Check it out: