Marcus Miller: “Nocturnal Mist” and “Revelation” Rehearsal

Marcus Miller is currently on tour in Europe, and we’ve heard he’s been playing tunes from his upcoming album, Renaissance.

Marcus just posted some really cool videos of the band rehearsing during this tour, including the very songs we’d heard about.

Here’s the bassist and his band rehearsing “Nocturnal Mist” and “Revelation”. The band includes Alex Han on sax, Kris Bowers on piano, Louis Cato on drums and Adam Agati on guitar.

Can’t wait for the album!

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  1. My kind of 9 to 5….what better way to spend the day than doing wht you love! Jam on fellas!

  2. It’s crazy to watch a band practice, even a band of Marcus and friends caliber. As a musician it has a very familiar feel. The people walking around at the beginning and the drummer giving that goofy look as the camera focuses on him. Then the way everyone understands that they’re killing it on this take and get serious for the last quarter. It just all felt like I had been there. Obviously not with Marcus’s talent…. but you know what I mean. Also about five minutes the camera gets this real ‘ I’m drunk” effect going that threw me off. And I don’t care how good on the guitar you are, Berklee grad or not that haircut is no cool. No cool. Great track!

  3. Wassup Corey? Great post bro! EBS rules! haha! Glad Marcus came back.That’s his sound!

    • Good to hear from you @[743890189:2048:Jackie Clark]! (And always good to hear Marcus!) I really can’t wait for the new album now.

  4. When you are going to release the album? This waiting is very long! Thank you for your music