Bass of the Week: Moses Vertical Jump Bass

Known for making graphite necks, Moses Carbon Graphite Guitars has always been into making forward-thinking products, and the Vertical Jump Bass is no exception. Built to be played vertically or horizontally, the bass has a swiveling bout horn for proper balance when wearing it with a strap.

Moses Vertical Jump Bass Cobalt Blue - Fingerboard

The Vertical Jump Bass has a polycarbonate body that comes in three options: Opaque Black, Translucent Cobalt Blue, and Clear. The bass sports the company’s graphite MZC style headless necks, which are complimented by an ABM headpiece and monorail bridge tuners. The fingerboard is also a proprietary Moses Carbon Graphite Non-wearing design, and holds 28 frets.

The pickups are typically Bartolini active soapbars, though Q-tuners are an available option. Electronics include a Bartolini 9-volt 2-band EQ, while the controls are Volume, Balance, and a stacked bass/treble knob.

The Moses Vertical Jump Bass is available for $1,785 in a 4-string version and $1,895 for a 5-stringer. For more, check out the Moses website.

Moses Vertical Jump Bass Photo Gallery:

Moses Vertical Jump Bass Demo:

Moses Vertical Jump Bass Specs:

  • Length: 40? (100 cm)
  • Width: 8? (20 cm)
  • Scale Length: 35? (87.5 cm)
  • 4-string Neck model & style: Moses MZC-144/MZC-244 headless
  • 5-string Neck model & style: Moses MZC-155/MZC-255 headless
  • Fret wire: 0.043”/0.108” Dunlop 6150 Jumbo
  • Fretless Model Lines: White or mid-Gray
  • Fingerboard: Proprietary Moses Carbon Graphite Non-wearing
  • Nut Width: 1 7/8? (4.69 cm)
  • Spacing at bridge: 2.7? (6.88 cm)
  • Style: Headless with neutral balance bout horn
  • Body: Polycarbonate: Opaque Black, transluscent Cobalt Blue, Clear
  • Hardware: ABM headpiece and monorail bridge tuners; chrome or black
  • Pickups: Bartolini Active Soapbar (Neck and Bridge positions)
  • Electronics: Bartolini 9 volt active with master volume, pickup balance and stacked treble/bass
  • Strings (standard): D-addario Flat Stainless
  • Case: included with purchase: Moses gig bag; for aluminum flight case holding gig bag, add $100
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds

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  1. get it away from me!

  2. Kinda hoping to see it played vertically.

  3. This guy was one of my instructors at Stanford Jazz Workshop. What a cool guy.