Eric Czar: Trigger Fingers

Here’s an awesome video by Eric Czar for his song “Trigger Fingers”.

Eric uses three basses (including his Adamovic signature 7-string) to fill out all the parts while using some tricky fingering techniques for a hypnotizing groove.

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  1. Excellent job, sir.

  2. Sounds freaking weird but amazing talent here. I only play 6 string bass so when I saw that 7 string (?) my eyes went, “woah o.0”.

  3. absurdly good. and also absurdly technical.

  4. had to see it again and again…

  5. wow, thank you guys for watching, and writing!

    • VERY cool! Is that an envelope filter you’re using on the 4-string part?

    • @[100000075756920:2048:Shane Handke]…it’s actually ( if I remember correctly…) a combination of phasing, and auto wah…( I must confess these vids are thrown together pretty hastily…)

    • @[100000075756920:2048:Shane Handke] thank you for watching!

    • Cool, it’s got this kinda greasy space-funk/jazz thing happenin’. I’m diggin’ it! Is this on a record or anything?

    • Thanks! These are just demos/ideas that I record with my computer…( hence the “not so stellar” sound quality…) but no, no CD yet…thanks again!

    • Shazaaaam Andy! Anybody see Eric play those basses??? Eric you are just too good! Amazingly good! You have ALWAYS been one of my favs!

    • thank you @[617126038:2048:Fatcat Cincinnati]! ; ) ( fattie? fats? cat? ) ; )

    • Eric Czar “Cat” We talked at Gilly’s in Dayton… remember!? lol

    • @[617126038:2048:Fatcat Cincinnati] OH YEAH! ( duh…) SORRY!! But, in my defense, I know we always had a lot of fun at Gilly’s! ( …so some memories are a little shaky! ) ; )

    • Eric Czar – We took pictures for the street team after your show that night. Then we went to Oxford, OH to see you guys play in -5 degree weather and about 6 inches of snow! It was fun!

  6. Thanks for the vid, Erik. One of the very few where technique is used musically. Very, very good indeed! Cheers!

  7. Very cool. It’s almost like adding texture to sound.

  8. Very cool! Don’t forget to give props to Conklin Guitars for the 7-string fretless.