Agile Partners Adds Trace Elliot Bass Amp Model to AmpKit

AmpKit+Agile Partners has released version 1.3 of their AmpKit app for iOS, and with it comes the addition of the first modern bass amp system model for the platform. The company has partnered with Trace Elliot, offering up the Trace Elliot 1215 combo, complete with 12-band Graphic Equalizer – tuned for bass frequencies – as well as an optimized dual-band compressor and a convolution-based simulation of the 1×15 cabinet. The cabinet is modeled to feature a specially designed loudspeaker and high-frequency horn.

The 1215 combo model includes a switchable valve (tube) drive circuit for “fat bass distortion” and Trace Elliot’s Pre Shape circuit.

Version 1.3 of the app is optimized for the third generation iPad’s Retina display, as well as extended support for digital instrument interfaces, an updated headphone input compensation to support the new iPad and iPhone 4S, plus the ability to save preferences for all channels on multi-channel amps.

The new app is available now from the App Store, for $19.99. The Trace Elliot 1215 amp model can be purchased separately for $3.99.

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  1. How does this work I don’t quite understand?

  2. I have it and its really nice.