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Andrea Veneziani Releases Debut Album, “Oltreoceano”

Andrea Veneziani: OltreoceanoItalian jazz bassist Andrea Veneziani has made his solo debut with Oltreoceano, a 10-track album featuring drummer Ross Pederson and renowned pianist Kenny Werner. The trio performs a version the Bill Evans classic “Time Remembered”, and their musical dialogue throughout the record is influenced by the late pianist’s work.

“It’s really about interplay,” Veneziani says. “I had listened to a lot of Bill Evans’s piano trio recordings during my years of studies. Bassists in those kinds of groups have more space — Scott LaFaro, Marc Johnson, all the bass players who played with Bill Evans always had the chance to play longer solos and counterpoint lines. You have more space and you can also break a bit the typical role of the instrument. I was always attracted to that.”

Besides the bassist’s originals and three free improvisations, the group recorded their versions of Thelonious Monk’s “Pannonica” and Charlie Parker’s “Segment”, on which Veneziani and Werner play the melody in unison.

Preview and download Oltreoceano:

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Oltreoceano Track List:

  1. Free Episode #1
  2. Night Flight
  3. Segment
  4. Free Episode #2
  5. Time Remembered
  6. Traffico
  7. Mark Rothko
  8. Free Episode #3
  9. Pannonica
  10. In Viaggio con Te

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