Bass of the Week: Esh Stinger I

Esh Stinger Monstergreen Bass - Closeup

Designed by Jochen Imhof, the Esh Stinger I is described as the company’s “dark side” and was even used by Type O-Negative’s Peter Steele.

In addition to several finishes, the German company created a Monstergreen finish with green pickup covers and block inlays as a tribute to the fallen low-ender.

Featuring bolt-on construction, the Stinger I is built with a three-ply Hard American Maple neck with a walnut strip and either a European or Swamp Ash body. It comes in 4- and 5-string versions and can be made left-handed as an option.

The bridge and tuners are made by Schaller, whose factory is only three miles from the Esh headquarters.

Esh includes active EMG pickups in either J/J or MM sets. The company also includes its Esh-Tronic circuit, which puts a piezo under each string. Each string’s piezo is adjustable in volume for preferred balance. With the circuit comes the Esh-tronic “command” knob that switches the circuits to either a direct out, magnetic pickups only, magnetic and piezo pickups, or piezo pickups only.

The Esh Stinger I is made in Germany and has a base price of €1,650 (approx. $2,144 USD). For more details, check out the Esh website.

Esh Stinger I Bass Photo Gallery:

Esh Stinger I Bass Specs:

  • 4- or 5-string Versions
  • Left-handed Version Available
  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • Scale: 34?
  • Neck: 3-Ply Hard American Maple with Walnut Strip
  • Nut: Graphite
  • Frets: Medium Jumbo
  • Body: European Ash, Swamp Ash
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Schaller 2000
  • Tuners: Schaller Type 2000
  • Finish/Colors: Sandblasted
  • Pickups: Active EMG J Set or MM Set, Piezos
  • Electronics: Esh-Tronic Circuit
  • Made in Germany

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  1. Nice looking bass, I wish you could choose another color other than lime green, love the large fret markers, maybe mother of pearl or even black. The natural is beautiful but why not the large fret markers? Just MHO…again with the overinflated pricing….

  2. The lime green is clearly in reference/reverence to Peter Steele, so why not just call that the “Peter Steele” bass? (estate license issues?).

  3. This thing has a BAD ASS electronics package! ESH’es sound like nothing else out there :P

  4. I will play this day with this in my mind! That green rocks!

  5. Ancen yo still lho.

  6. That shade of green isnt entirely accurate to Pete’s. Its too neon flashy here