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ALO Releases “Sounds Like This”

ALO: Sounds Like ThisALO describes their latest album, Sounds Like This, as a “swing back” to their older sound. Anchored by Steve Adams’ thick yet bubbly bass work, the album presents an upbeat jam vibe while mixing rock and funky beats.

Besides going into the studio without set songs, Sounds Like This was recorded in the band’s hometown of San Francisco, which Adams says allowed them to get more creative.

“The previous record was done in Hawaii, so we simply couldn’t fly with much,” he explained. “Doing this one in San Francisco definitely made it easier to bring anything we wanted from home – Dave set up a more elaborate drum zone, Lebo had more guitars and amps, Zach brought up more keyboards. I had all my basses and a keyboard rig as well. Having a broader palette of sounds definitely had an influence on how the record turned out.”

Preview and download Sounds Like This:

Amazon MP3:

Sounds Like This Track List:

  1. Dead Still Dance
  2. Blew Out The Walls
  3. Falling Dominos
  4. Speed of Dreams
  5. Storms and Hurricanes
  6. Cowboys and Chorus Girls
  7. Bark of a Tree
  8. Combat Zone
  9. Room For Bloomin
  10. Reviews

Sounds Like This EPK:

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