Carl Martin Introduces Bass Drive Pedal

Carl Martin Bass Drive PedalCarl Martin has unveiled their new Bass Drive pedal, which the company says has been in the works for several years. Built in Denmark, the pedal employs a 12AX7 in the circuit for classic tube tone growl as well as fatness and extra sustain.

Besides the Level and Gain controls, the Bass Drive has a 3-band EQ for dialing in your tone. It’s also travel-ready as it features a 115-240V switchable built-in main power supply.

The Carl Martin Bass Drive pedal will be available in the coming months with a U.S. retail price of $389. For more, check out the Carl Martin website.

Carl Martin Bass Drive Specs:

  • 12AX7 Tube
  • Switchable 115V-240V Power Supply
  • 3-band EQ

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  1. Sounds like a good idea.I”ll check it out.Although, they are up against my favorite.I LOVE my Sansamp RPM!

  2. please note Zoom easy acess to 12ax7unlike my 9.1 which needs a bench strip to change the tube.

  3. can someone please tell me how to get a sticker no bass treble, thanks.

  4. Will be interesting how it compares against the EBS Valve Drive….